12 hours of Japanese Yoga

17th International Winter Seminar ONLINE, 5th December, “from Neuchâtel and all Europe”

Don’t miss this important and fabulous yearly event.

With special trainers as guests. AIKIDO, Meditation and Japanese Yoga.


  • Sonja Graf (Neuchâtel, CH), 4. dan 9h00-10h00
  • Tomasz Kopiejć (Gdansk, PL), 4. dan 10h00-10h30
  • Michał Kopiejć (Gdansk, PL), 3. dan 10h30-11h00
  • Carlos Lopez (Hausen, CH), 5. dan 11h00-12h00
  • Tomáš Bilišič (Nove Zamky, SK), 6. dan 14h00-15h00
  • Srđan Crnogorac (Novi Sad, SRB), 9. dan Ninjustsu 15h00-16h00
  • Milan Pejović (Novi Sad, SRB), 5. dan 16h00-17h00
  • Chadi Sawaya (Genève, CH), 3. dan 17h00-18h00
  • Eric Graf (Neuchâtel, CH), 5. dan 18h00-19h00 Japanese Yoga
You can follow the entire course or only parts of it.


The course is free of charge. You are welcome to make a donation to support your own dojo if you wish.

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