Summerschool in Neuchâtel, 26.07-2nd August

Under the direction of Eric Graf, 5th dan 

Invited trainer:

  • Milan Pejović, 5th dan
  • Carlos Lopez, 4th dan
  • Sonja Graf, 3rd dan
  • Tomasz Kopiejć, 3rd dan
  • Chadi Sawaya, 3rd dan
  • Assistants: Michał Kopiejć, 3rd dan & Fabienne Gfeller, 2nd dan


See the video presenting the seminar, click here!

Click here for poster, detailed program and practical information. 

This 7 full days course allows you to completely enter into Aikido. You practice Aikido intensively, Aiki-ken (bokken), Aiki-jo, Hojo, Japanese Yoga - Genkikai and meditation. We practice both in our beautiful Dojo and in nature. We try to live the martial art in all its dimensions. Such a week of practice guarantees you progress equivalent to at least 3 months of practice (2-3 times / week). You will have the opportunity to participate in workshops of reflections on Aikido, you will also meet aikidokas coming from elsewhere and thus enrich your social network. It is also possible to participate only on certain days, although in case of high attendance, we will give priority to those who register for the entire course.