Our path has been guided by extraordinary mentors from three continents. We thank them.
Mentors Kane & Alessia Minkus
Kane & Alessia Minkus
Mentor Bob Proctor
Bob Proctor
Mentor Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins
Mentor Michelle Master
Michelle Master
Carl Buchheit
Carl Buchheit, Ph.D.
Mentor Matasomi Ikeda
Matasomi Ikeda
Zoran Gruičić

Thanks to these extraordinary people, we have been able to develop a unique and outstanding program combining modern coaching techniques with the ancestral knowledge of martial arts masters and yogis.

For whom are our Coaching and Mentoring programs?

Coaching Adults
Groups for adults
Coaching young people
Groups for youngsters & teenagers
Private Coaching
Individual private 1:1
Our program is holistic. It encompasses the sustainable establishment of physical and mental health leading to greater freedom. We use tools from martial arts, Japanese yoga combined with energy work, meditation techniques and transformational neuro-linguistic programming (tPNL).
Sonja Coaching Jeunes

Our Group-Coaching Program

The content of the program is tailored to the audience and their needs, it is never the same but always delivers results. It includes

  • Interactive group days,
  • Booster sessions at regular intervals,
  • Individual follow-up based on personal needs,
  • Course material and an online program in the Virtual Dojo,
  • Enhanced teamwork,
  • Access to a supportive community (private forum)

Our coaching-mentoring programs are based on 7 axes:

  1. Physical and energetic health promotion and techniques
  2. Elimination of stress and negative and destructive thoughts and emotions
  3. Removal and reprogramming of barriers to change
  4. Installation of new habits
  5. Consolidation, inner peace, motivation
  6. Building the life and freedom you deserve
  7. Self-confidence
Eric Coaching Jeunes

We run seminars throughout the year and on demand. They take place physically or online or most often a combination of both. The ideal group size is about 30 people.

​Here is a non-exhaustive list of the problems that our 10+ week programs solve:

  • Lack of self-confidence,
  • General demotivation and questioning of “what’s the point of all this?”,
  • Too much situational stress (when selling a product, asking for a raise, speaking in front of an audience),
  • And/or accumulation of daily family + work stress,
  • Fear of being attacked or criticized,
  • Loss of life vision, dreams, pleasure in life,
  • Too many recurrent negative thoughts,
  • Difficulty to integrate or interact in certain circles,
  • Problems expressing themselves and/or understanding others,
  • Headaches, backaches, overweight, not wanting to move, poor energy flow,
  • Bad habits (too much Netflix, social networks, video games), loss of time,
  • Feeling older than you should,
  • Reprogramming undigested issues from the past.
Coaching Adults

Individual/Private Programs

In our individual programs, we encompass all the aspects mentioned for group coaching-mentoring and add the work of reprogramming obstacles and limiting beliefs from the past (up to the age of 3) that prevent you from achieving the life you want.

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